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BankSA, formerly known as The Bank of South Australia, the State Bank of South Australia and the Savings Bank of South Australia is the largest bank in South Australia. In 2008 it became part of the Westpac Banking Group. It has been the principal partner of the Adelaide Fringe since 2005.

On this month a disappointed costumer wrote for Product Review about BankSA: Currently refinancing with another institution. Gave BankSA the opportunity to match the new offer but they were unable to even though they were offering a cheaper rate for new customers. Settlement of the loan was booked for last Thursday and notification given 2 weeks prior. Then the day before settlement they bumped it back by a week. Rang to complain and was given the run around. Asked to speak to a Manager but apparently none were available. Requested a call back from a manager and was advised this would happen but never did. Clearly not interested in retaining current customers or providing service to them. Funnily enough the new bank lender was an ex Bank SA employee and advised that Bank SA would stuff the settlement around on purpose so they could collect a few interest payments. VERY DISAPPOINTED


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Customer service Officer (Former Employee) says

"Great to be close to home and return to finance. High targets for insurance, mortgages and superannuation. Not that enjoyable. Met some nice people working for the company."

Bank Officer (Former Employee) says

"On a daily basis it was to organise yourself to complete as many new and existing customers files. (and to be cover any other issues that may arise).The ability to use the Banks systems.All about KPI's."

Administrativo Contable (Former Employee) says

"ambiente de trabajo con mucha presión, sin ningún incentivo, demasiado silencio, trabajo muy individualista, no existía el equipo, la gerenta con una posición extremadamente cerrada y omnipotente. El contador que concurría dos veces a la semana, permitía compartir distintos puntos de vista. La distancia era demasiado, para el habiano había descanso"

Quality Assurance and Customer Service (Former Employee) says

"On a long hard day at work, when customers come in to complain about something that has happened, it is best to refer to the Manager and to diffuse the situation."

Ei Gude says

"Beware. When you access, the site allows you to specify an amount and select a currency to convert to. The corresponding value in that currency is shown, BUT EXCLUDING the fee that XE gets for the service. The resulting amount looked great, so I signed up. Only thereafter - when preparing the transfer - to find that the amount in e.g. EURO was considerably lower than advertised on the main web page. Call it scam or not... your choice. Look at other companies such as Transferwise. All inclusive. No misunderstanding. All transparent. No-brainer. Just as I like it. I immediately closed the account at XE after this experience. I need simplicity, not yet another thing that eat my time."

P Little says

"Who wants to give you business when I have waited ages on the phone LISTENING TO IRRELEVENT MESSAGES AT MY COST,gave up in the end!! you do not make it easy to get you're phone number. I categorically refuse to give my business to companies that provide zero service, when wanting 320000 changed transferred I deserve to speak with someone NOT JUST HAND IT OVER TO YOU . IGNORANT COMPANY JUST WANTING MONEY WITHOUT ANY SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!! RATHER GO TO ASDA!! AND LOSE THAN COMPROMISE MY PRINCIPLES!"

Tom Pitts says

"I used Xe to transfer some money to my wife’s account in Colombia. It didn’t make it in the 4 days they ask to wait. They said a trace would be run to find the payment, meanwhile we were constantly phoning my wife’s bank in Colombia asking to check for a payment. Just been told, after two weeks that the payment was never sent! Not sure the trace was ever run. Feel as if we’ve been lied to and fobbed if throughout our numerous calls to Xe. Would have requested by money back but exchange rate has dropped so much I’d have lost out."

Suma says

"I have signed up for XE through a referral. I have initiated my first transfer on 09/10 and it showed they will pay to my bank on 09/15. They have deducted the origin bank account on time, but didn't release the funds to my destination account on time. I called their customer service multiple times, and they said that account is under review, but no more information on what they are reviewing. Despite I requested them to expedite the process they did nothing. They take almost a week to deliver the funds, and even that they are not able to do on time. I use Ria all the times. I thought of giving XE a try because Ria have daily and monthly limits where XE doesn't. But it proved not worth to try it. And finally I have received an email that they are not able to verify my account and so closing my account and cancelled the transaction. The biggest thing to worry is that they have asked me to work with my bank to get my funds back from XE. Why the hell I should work with my bank. Isn't it XE responsibility to refund the amount when they cancel the transaction." is a non-profit organization and communications forum for social activism. This website allows users a voice to share their point of view online about what sucks in the world.

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